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Give me pyro!

         Secular music. Here’s an interesting tidbit that is solely my opinion. It’s doing something that worship music isn’t. It’s reaching the human condition. If you’ve read any of my blogs you know my struggle with the Christian community and its ideas of worship. Not that they are all wrong, but they are very exclusive sometimes of other ideas and theories. At times, I think, “surely people in the congregation know how lame this music is? Surely they know there’s no musical integrity and we are just regurgitating words…”

         So anyways, the human condition. Worship leaders/pastors chalk up a lot of their creativity to “vertical” worship. Fine. That’s your calling and your perspective; I just hope you do it well or not at all. But when a secular song sings about heartbreak or a tragic loss, it’s tapping into some emotion that worship isn’t. Imagine if a worship song taps into these feelings and THEN takes someone vertically. I think this is what contemporary Christian music attempts to do. A lot of times they are just as depressing as any secular song. But they end with hope when secular songs sometimes don’t. Interesting how some people don’t even see CCM songs as Christian. But those people are super legalists and I digress.

         That’s why worship is pretty boring at times; not all the time, but it can get pretty redundant. We can talk about God and sing Jesus’ praise all day (which yes, I know should be enough and blah blah blah) but the human conscience that he put into me yearns for something. (Like faith with no works…hint hint.) It yearns to be moved, to cry, to laugh, to shout in triumph. And face it, a lot of times worship does none of those things. I wasn’t made to stand in a single spot, lift my hands, and then read words off a screen! (Hallelujah, we just defeated the devil by singing to Jesus while trying not to check out the chick who dressed way too slutty!) Maybe I’m just different. Maybe I’m the only person in church who wants to be awed. Maybe I’m the only one who wants to see an amazing drum solo or vocal performance. (Am I the only one who thinks fireworks and pyro would be amazing for a worship experience? Hello, this little light of mine would be epic!) Jesus deserves the best we can give him. Why are the best performances saved for people who aren’t in the church? The government may have separated church and state, but it didn’t separate JESUS from LIFE. Peace.

Where is the Love?

Is love really real?
If so where do I find it?
Is it something we feel?
Then why do we hide it?

I’m searching for the answer
to something I haven’t known.
Something so obvious
like it’s been there all along.

Help me see it clearly,
to feel it very near me.
Drops of it presence can’t hinder
but only heal me.

I see you staring at me and wondering “what’s his deal?”
But I had been raised and shown that love was only an idea.
Love was a word thrown around that didn’t matter.
No meaning or weight, like they said it cause they had to.

So I search the living word for waters of revival.
Then I find love in the one who knows denial.
Love hung from a cross without even knowing me,
Now love sits from a throne: LOVE reigns over me.


Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards

Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards.

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